Adopting vs Buying a Pet

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Are you planning to add a new member to your family by getting a pet? If so, you must have hundreds of questions swarming around your head. Which pet should I get? How will I train my new friend? Before you dive deep into the web looking for all the answers, Do you know where you’re getting your pet from? Some people might buy it from a pet store or a breeder, while others would prefer adopting a pet from an animal shelter or a rescue group.If theright choice is confusing you, we have everything you need to know about adopting vs buying a pet.

Difference Between Pet Stores and Animal Shelters

  • Pet Stores

Those adorable little puppies you see at a pet store usually have a horrifying origin.It may surprise you, but they come from factory-style facilities called puppy mills, or in the case of cats, kitten mills. Unfortunately, these mills mass-produce pets for profit without providing them necessities like healthcare and a spacious, clean area to live.Some breeders and pet stores might not be shady but, you will find it difficult to trace back to where the pets were born.

  • Animal Shelters

Animal shelters, on the other hand, are temporarily house surrendered or abandoned pets. 

They are left forgotten by owners who can no longer take care of them. Lost pets and stray animals also have no other place than an animal shelter!

These pets don’t exactly have a great early life either, but animal shelters provide them with a healthy environment, proper food, and clean water.

And you know what’s even better?

They have certified vets to ensure their health and safety.

Why Do People Buy Their Pets from Stores?

Many owners are enthusiastic about getting purebred pets, and some of them are even willing to stay on waiting lists till their preferred pup becomes available.

But, others like raising pets on their own as they don’t want to miss out on the socializing stage of their furry friend.

They also understand that the training sessions will help them bond with their pet.

So, they turn to breeders or pet stores to get exactly what they want.

While favouring pet stores might satisfy picky pet enthusiasts, they don’t realize what they are supporting on a much larger scale.

In many cases, these purebreds have underlying behavioural and health issues, which later lead to their abandonment, and these pets end up in animal shelters.

The last category of people who look up to pet stores is those who want to save these pets. Although they want to save the animals from cruelty in pet stores, they might end up being wrong.

The money you invest here goes to the store, and they would bring more of these pets into the world, treating them the same way later.

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How is Adopting a Pet Better Than Buying?

We think adopting a pet is a much better option than buying one, and here are a few reasons for it!

  • You Save a Life

Adopting a pet is an excellent way of saving the lives of forsaken pets.

Animal shelters can get overcrowded, and they have to euthanize an animal to foster the remaining ones with limited resources.

Some shelters have a no-euthanize policy, and so, to overcome the issue of short supply, they turn away many abandoned and surrendered pets.

It is a heart-breaking situation when these neglected animals are left on the streets to a terrible fate. 

So, your step of saving one animal will make more room in a shelter and give the pet a new life!

  • Adopting is Cheaper

If you want to buy a pet, get ready to pay around $500-$1000. And surprisingly, this huge amount doesn’t even include the healthcare costs.

So, adopting a pet is a much cheaper option, which will cost around $25-$200. 

Animal shelters usually spay/neuter, vaccinate, and even microchip your pet within that price, and so, you will be saving yourself money and trips to the vet. 

As if that is not enough, your money goes to improving the shelter into a better, healthier place for the animals.

Another advantage of animal shelters is that they will give any toys or a bed from a previous home, which will help the pet feel secure and adapt to the new environment easily.

  • Get any Pet You Want!

Luckily, you can find almost every breed in an animal shelter!

Being well trained, many older animals know how to socialize and get along with people and other pets.

In addition, you can save the time and money that goes into training a pet. If an older pet is not what you want, you can take home a younger one and make it your lifelong friend!

Final Words

Adopting vs buying a pet is a dispute that burns up many emotions, but you can significantly contribute to an animal’s fate by making the right choice. 

Although the choice depends on you, we personally consider animal shelters a better option.

Make the right decision and head on to bring your friend home!

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